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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What shall we do with a stoned Styron?

I think most of you do know that funny song:
"What shall we do with a drunken sailor
  early in the morning?"
It seems to me that we have a real problem now:
This Styron we are talking about, not only seems to be drunk but also stoned down to his heels with marijuana.
No, sorry, it can't be marijuana, because this substance rather calms you down, but doesn't push you up in the sky.
But what else is the stuff making this Styron so lively and nervous too?
Is it crack or straight cocaine?
Somebody special has had a hard time to do his criminal work at the past weekend.
You didn't reckon anything? Just wait a minute!
But remember: I count the minutes according to the time measure of the Lord.
Who was it?
And why?
The question is also: Was it a genuine Styron?
What does your nose tell you?
Or was it a lousy freeloader who wanted to harm or second Styron?
Is anybody out there who knows the answer?

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