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Friday, June 15, 2018

Is Styron111 smelling like a mange-infested mutt?

Oh, Oh, there comes a strong smelly scent-cloud from Styron.
It stinks terribly of the forbidden.
What have you done, dear Stursy?

First you accused me of being Agathenon?
- Well, it smelled quite good.
Then you accused me to be the "Pensioner from Hamburg"?
- Well, that was a real honor too!

Who will it be the next time?

But then I found your new lyrics, which you stole once again in the web. 
My God, it started to stink again after an excessive Styron111 note!

Styron, are you a thief and a forger, smelling like a mange-infested mutt?
Or are you trying to get the well known reputation of an internationally known crook and wicked Styron?

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