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Friday, May 18, 2018

Bad news from Stuart Styron!
No show, no money.

A scent of melancholy floats through this room.

I am a little bit sad!
Twitter just told me those bad news:
Stuart Styron can not organize his show this fall and has now moved it to fall in 2019.

His incredible statement is:
 "It's an elaborate procedure,
because I want to and must make it perfect."
Now let us hope that the reason for that postponement is not that Stuart has become so sick that he needs treatment in a sanatorium.
Maybe there is an other reason for that postponement:
He may get his stinky big mouth amputated to clear his tourette-syndrome.

For further information please follow these Links to the German SauerlandKurier of May 17, 2018
and here:
Neheimer Künstler Stuart Styron plant Konzert für 2018
im SauerlandKurier vom 20.12.17 10:07
I'm sorry, but my interpreter is on Pentecost-Vacation. 
I think you'll understand the meaning of these words in English as well.
Wait a minute! Just answer only one little question: 
Are not most of Stuart's statements just bullshit?

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